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02/29/24 10:02 AM

#77683 RE: Roemp #77682

If you read carefully, the land is already owned by JP3E so it was previously acquired and they just received $23M.. so they have $$$ to start the project with sales of properties expected to close in June (meaning more $ will be coming in). Don't forget they own CIG which is also a funding vehicle and to what degree they are involved is not known. It's safe to say funding is likely not an issue and Rockys personal investment eludes a lot of confidence...


02/29/24 10:56 AM

#77689 RE: Roemp #77682

Rocky has an LLC that he works under, you'll see the name on the agenda of the zoning board of Kokomo, last 2 items:,%202024.pdf

Haven't published the minutes to know if he got the variances.

I know you're a logical guy, so let's do logic:
If Rocky got some government money to build townhouses, then he's expected to spend it building those townhouses. He gets to keep whatever profit there might be on the construction. With government money, he doesn't need SPZI for anything and won't give SPZI anything, no reason to associate with a stinky pink scam at all. This is, as always, a stinky pink pump and dump broadcasting they're doing something that they're not. Even though the thing might be real, they aren't funding it or doing it, nor will they profit from it.