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02/29/24 9:08 AM

#77680 RE: stervc #77672

You wrote:
Many who are non believers in SPZI/JP3E will have a change of heart
I wrote:
They are not non belivers. And, they are not.
They care not about the company, they only want responses, you know that.
They won't have a change of heart because they don't own stock and never will. They are not traders at all. They will continue, and some will continue to respond to them. That makes them HAPPY. You do realize that they don't read the responses, right? That's why they NEVER respond back. They NEVER defend what they write BECAUSE they intentionally write stuff to get people to respond.
I did not say jdcpa1 was a basher. Bashers can be identified quite easily. Just click on their name, see how many posts they have, see how many boards they post on, etc. One I know of has 113,000 posts. At 10 posts per day, time 365 days per year, that would take 30 years. If you click on their last 50 messages, you can see exactly what they are doing. It would not make sense for any sane person to do that, UNLESS there was a profit in doing so.
I've been posting since 2017 and have less than 7000 posts. I don't bash, and I don't pump. I wait to see what companies actually do. I buy and sell accordingly. I put all bashers on ignore. I put everyone that has nothing of value to say on ignore. I put ignorant bastards on ignore. I put people that WRITE IN ALL CAPS on ignore.
In other words, I ignore everyone that doesn't do what this message board is about - discussing the company and its prospects, sensibly.