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02/28/24 6:23 PM

#353 RE: uksausage #352

UK, thank you for the feedback.


03/06/24 8:48 AM

#362 RE: uksausage #352

UK, any insights on the Earnings Report?


03/06/24 10:43 AM

#363 RE: uksausage #352

I think they have 100.000.000 authorised but unissued shares. Last time I checked, they had around 15.000.000 outstanding shares, and I belieave they just said in the Q4 call (live at this moment) that they sold 2 or 3 million shares around the 16th Feb (at around 2.78 average price) when it skyrocketed after the IPCEI announcment.
They were allowed to sell up to 20% of the total outstanding shares, so I think that would be it for now, so now they would rely on a positive result on the vote during the Extraordinary General Meeting in order to be able to sell more unissued shares.

If the vote came out positive, then I understand they would be able to sell up to an additional 100 million shares. That would be great for the business, of course, although not so much for the share holders. They keep saying that management and directors are some of the largest share holders, so it is also on their best interest avoiding any dilution if possible. It would be great if there was any way to know how much do insiders, institutions and retail investors have at this moment, to be honest.