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02/27/24 3:52 PM

#27058 RE: Top Penny #27057

I understand your optimism, I really do. I feel the love man.

Now with a couple of comments on this issue. I agree that this may not be a scam since I rarely ever agree with such language. However, you have mentioned from this reply that .01 is achievable.

From the last financial dated of 12/22 rev. was around $9k. That is in line with the MC of $1m. Now to get to .01 share price as you have mention from this reply would give us a MC of $101m.

Now I'm not new to this penny arcade, but .01 share price is by no means even rational or remotely doable, under such an extreme share structure.

Am I missing something?

Oh, I do have a few million in this and also the ask never seems to inch down and as long as there is no bid this issue will always flounder down here. It does seem that there are endless shares popping up. Dilution or not these shares are coming from somewhere and it appears endless like I just mentioned.

Have a good day


02/27/24 3:56 PM

#27059 RE: Top Penny #27057

You have no idea how many news this company has put out and never happened. Maybe at least 100 news and all are designed to pump the stock and steal your money. No one believe on this scam anymore. For more than 5 years, it is now down 99.99% cos the CEO is a serial conman. This is not a legit company but a total scam run by a thug.


02/28/24 2:10 PM

#27063 RE: Top Penny #27057

So your saying 100x