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02/23/24 10:56 AM

#53926 RE: WebSlinger #53925

We all know / knew / calculated the risks.....
Some buy House and Car Insurance .......just in case. It's all a gamble
It's not over till it's over and right's not over.

And ZN is a gamble but What if ?...... Cast your Google Search to Leviathan gas field -- Levantine basin, a rich hydrocarbon area in one of the largest offshore natural gas field finds. Wikipedia (Bruce ..... notice I put a link in just for you)
What goes with Oil ? Natural Gas ??? Leviathan !!!!

Why did Israeli Oil Minister grant an extension ? Does he know something ?

have a great day


02/23/24 7:22 PM

#53929 RE: WebSlinger #53925

But they found a few quarts of "fluid" several years ago...LOL 😂🤣😅
Shameless Affinity-Scam, and their deluded cult members.