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02/23/24 6:41 AM

#44760 RE: FDApproved #44759

Yes that have cash of $31 million. Current liabilities of about $4.5 million. And can’t forget about that $24 million long term liability of that bank loan.

The end is closer than one may think. Even with them reactivating the ATM so they can sell shares for well under a buck, they’re not going to be able to keep funding their paycheques for too much longer.

But their number one goal is to blow through half a billion dollars with nothing to show for it.


02/23/24 6:50 AM

#44761 RE: FDApproved #44759

Look at their “Pluriapps” on page 9. They have the following listed. Marketing department came up with Pluriapps and probably got a bunch of bonuses for it.

ARS failed the first time but government threw them a whopping $4.2 million over 3 years to try again.

Osteoarthritis. What’s that in preclinical?

Cultured meat. Crickets since announced

Cultured fish. Was for future but getting desperate so thoughts are now “apps”

Cultured dairy. See above.

Cell based coffee. News release and nothing to show they can like everything else.

CDMO to be seen what small fish they can find since anyone with any credibility goes to the real CDMO’s

Cosmetics? First we’ve heard of that pipe dream.

Biologics? Isn’t osteoarthritis part of their biologics? Or this just stuff they haven’t dreamt up yet.