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02/22/24 1:00 PM

#53913 RE: Bruce_Mcdonalds #53911

Yes, I have been to Megiddo. As Napolean stated, "it's the perfect battlefield." Be that as it may, to repeat they/he lied is pretty bold, if not arrogant. This is why you have virtually no credibility. You cannot back those accusations up with any degree of certainity whatsoever. The annual meeting will be coming up in a few months. Why don't you come right out and make your accusations to them personally? Are you aware of the sophisticated weapons Hezbollah possesses - weapons that can reach Tel Aviv. I am not saying that they will strike in Megiddo but they certainly have not refrained from raining missiles in the North. Your arguments are so ridiculous, I kick myself for even responding - my bad! As for me and my family, we have chosen to wait until they either succeed or fail. Either way, it's not a big deal to me.