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02/15/24 10:47 AM

#15512 RE: GetSeriousOK #15511

The issue is that even if there are 5K stock available at bargain basement ask price of 0.15$, there are absolutely no buyers.
The issue is sellers are selling at any salvage price they can get. 0.14$ or 0.1382$ or even selling at 0.1250$. Yesterday someone put a bid for 0.1425$100K shares & that bid was so fast taken that even an eyeblink appeared slow. So from market perspective even a salvage price of 0.1425$ is overvalued.
The issue is lots of bullish sentiment/people on this forum but no one is willing to buy this stock. It’s just empty words. Unless bullish sentiment is actioned by buy orders, they are just empty words. Where are buys? Anyone?!