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02/14/24 6:02 PM

#57 RE: budfoxfun #53

Is that Elizabeth Holmes who wrote the article?

"In addition, today’s announcement of a binding LOI with Cyclomics (link) positions the combination of cutting-edge technologies to be at the forefront of liquid biopsies (blood tests) for cancer and other diseases."

The article is the worst denial piece I have read.

They attacked Hindenburg but never stated any facts to prove the Hindenburg Report wasn't accurate. Actually, I have read the Hindenburg Report on Mullen several times and didn't find anything inaccurate.

Plus, I had never heard the term shorter attack. The company management seems to be lacking at best.

The good thing is that Serhat Gumrukcu is in Federal Custody. The DOJ could seek the death penalty.

I am fairly certain that the investigation will continue - be careful Dr. Mark Dybul you might be next.