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01/31/24 10:47 AM

#5146 RE: Hoosier #5145

I think it's just supply and demand.

The people willing to buy at $0.005 were just about equal to those willing to sell at $0.0035 over the last four days. The total dollar volume of the roughly 3 million shares traded then might be around $10k. If it were not balanced like that, I believe that the price would move. But as it is, buyers aren't bidding over $0.0035 and sellers want at least $0.005, for the most part.

If a buyer or seller wants to do something TODAY, and not wait around for a better price, they are stuck with the going rate. There are all kinds of reasons why people wish to get in or out TODAY and not wait. You get everything from those who take a stab for a few days and quit, to those who have long-term positions but might want to add a few or shed a few.

But I agree that expected news has increased trades. And anticipation of good vs. bad seems to be very balanced right now.