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01/29/24 9:52 AM

#26702 RE: AJH92 #26700

All this company does is dilute its stock for years. They don’t care to let this stock breathe or move. Shareholders value is not a major interest for em

Power of Emouna

01/29/24 11:49 AM

#26709 RE: AJH92 #26700

Nice DD! Just picked up 14m starter! GLTA!! $PSRU

Power of Emouna

01/31/24 11:29 AM

#26732 RE: AJH92 #26700

From January 23rd, 2024 shareholder letter:

Convertible debt to be finished converting within next few weeks.

Quote: We have reduced our convertible debt. Pursuant to our last filing with OTC Markets Group for the period ending September 30, 2023, we had two entities that held notes of which only one remains. We expect them to be finished converting their debt within the next few weeks. This explains the increase in the issued and outstanding share count. However, as previously mentioned, we are not entertaining a reverse split.

Buyback of shares from proceeds of Zelda to reduce the Outstanding shares.

Quote: Challenges and Triumphs: Projects with New Republic Pictures, including "Zelda" and "Wild Geese," faced challenges due to political circumstances. The lead investor's ties to Russia prompted Paramount to sever connections, requiring New Republic to secure a new major investment partner. We are happy to state we anticipate the entering development and preproduction Quarter 2 of 2024. We believe a buyback from the proceeds from Zelda will reduce the issued and outstanding significantly.

Uplisting to NASDAQ !

Quote: Valiant Eagle has entered into an investment banking agreement with a prominent Finra-registered Wall Street firm to enhance our acquisition strategy and secure capital. This strategic partnership is geared towards uplisting our company to NASDAQ, with a comprehensive plan to raise up to $100 million for media and entertainment acquisitions and investments. The company is fully committed to meeting reasonable and achievable terms and conditions outlined in that agreement. We have initiated discussions and negotiations with potential business sellers, aligning with the criteria established by the bank. Upon the completion of these acquisitions, our market capitalization is projected to surpass $200 million, enabling us to fulfill a critical criteria necessary for uplisting.

Dividend payments to shareholders

Financial Performance:

Ensuring sustainable revenue growth and profitability.
Implementing effective cost management strategies.
Developing a strategy to maximize shareholder value through dividend payments and share buybacks when appropriate.