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Dragon Lady

01/15/24 4:18 PM

#106808 RE: REAGAN #106807

Happy New Yr 2024 Reagan !!

I am just seeing this. I have taken a nice long break from this Stacy filthy scam garbage penny stock shit f^ck pig scams.

Dr M was a great man. Guy invented the Fing Pace Maker and invented the blood transfusion bag…. He is personally responsible for saving millions of lives. The Founder of this stock scam ole Howie another Fake PhD scumbag loser stole his wife’s millions of inheritance and put it into this SCAAAAM in 2006. Then scammed his neighbor Dr M of around $9.5m. Garbage IPO raised $2.5m I think. The Minnesota lake boys were the biggest winners in this stock. Pay millions in stock scam shares that idiots bought for 15yrs and a massive reverse split. Rest in peace Dr M

Nice to see you back and catching up - it's healthy to take a break from this world of shit-scam penny fraud "stuff" fa SURE !!!

Yeah - had wondered if you saw the old man Murphy info or not ?

Sad - sad that he got his good name wrapped around the greasy and dirty Miguel axle in life.

At least some of the major papers did a real nice write-up on his life and legacy. May he rest in peace, for sure.

Even at his death - filthy Miguel STILL "tried" to worm his way into the "Dr Murphy is deceased" as if Miguel had a damn thing that EVER was "good" for ole Dr Murphy WTF !!

Miguel is a special level and kind of POS in this world. Man I hope that dirt ball gets his in the end - he REALLY needs to get his do one of these days for all the people he's harmed and ripped-off and dragged through the mud and shit.

Miguel is STILL fighting Brenda in court - but she has him and the clown club MN boys by the proverbial balls in a vice !! I seriously think and believe she has a chance to get at their personal assets - their homes, bank accounts, etc. She ain't giving up - she's gonna take Miguel and the boys to the mat finally on this one and damn sure hope she mops the floor with um !

I'd love to see a court/jury award Brenda full damages and see Miguel busted down to BK and get a judgement attached to every ill-gotten thing that POS dirt ball owns on this planet. F-ing POS !