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02/05/24 7:47 PM

#47790 RE: Vicster #47789

We were so close to transitioning the company to something real between the laser guy and Zachs IT businesses at least there would have been sales and income but Jack ran off to Florida with the last $1000 from the bank account and refused to work with Rat and me. That was very frustrating to be so close. The day I was on my way to meet Dillon and sign over the company I was threatened with a lawsuit if I went through.
I already had 3 running lawsuits with EXBX so I said fuck it I'm out. Jack said he was financially bulletproof and he volunteered to sign for the company. Huge mistake.
The outstanding accounting bill alone when Jack signed for EXBX was $65,000. The registrar had not been paid in 3 years, how the company stayed listed is a mystery.