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12/15/23 4:55 PM

#62717 RE: Moose412 #62714

In a similar boat...not quite the same size, but up there. I think this mgmt team needs to throw in the towel and find some old school penny stock players to come in and make this into some bogus AI company (or whatever the hottest sector might be), promising billions in revenues, that knows how to write fancy PR's, but with no real plan to do anything other than run the price way up while they dump into it...Be way more profitable for all of us that have been here as long as we have imo.

How many more failed M&A attempts do we need before one actually sticks? And, once one does will they dilute this anyway? RS maybe to boost the price for a Nasdaq listing? I know the share structure is pretty good, but we'd need to be at $4 to make the, I'm all for the pump and dump scenario...Was hoping to stick around and "grow" with the company, but I'm ready to move on at this point!