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11/29/23 6:47 AM

#138241 RE: Koan #138237

Connie, make sure you leave out the important parts of that "FINRA suspended the CUSIP" nonsense.
Why was the CUSIP suspended and for how long. Lets take a quick glance.
Well Houston, there is a more to the story:
Time: CUSIP suspended - "indefinitely" - : aka: "forever" / "eternity".
I mean, who's legally authorized to sign the forms to get it back?
Why : suspended because of Chapter 15 "Bankruptcy", remember, the fake "Liquidation" / aka: foreign arrangement / Canada = Taa Daa, like magic..
Logically, why would anyone try to bring it back?
One: You'd have to petition the original proceeding, seek the creditors approval, good luck with that. Guess who'd be paying the legal bills to try & open this back up. Yes, you thought right lol.
Two: You bring it back to life, guess who's on the hook for the $60M+ in outstanding debt?
FORMER shareholder pant sniffers are getting desperate.

You can dislike me as much as you want but, see how the truth works?