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10/12/23 4:18 PM

#74 RE: wow_happens28 #73

>> reasons stocks will go up? >>

On the plus side, the Fed is almost done tightening, inflation has come down a lot, and the economy has been resilient. And near term, I think the Fed has been trying to prop up the market to offset the bearish effects from the Israel-Hamas war. It appears the PPT / Plunge Protection Team stepped in, and several Fed Governors issued dovish guidance, so an attempt to prevent a selloff due to the war.

On the negative side, there are lots of reasons to stay out of the market and collect the easy 5% in cash / T-Bills. Tough to say, but probably not a time to stick one's neck out too far. Fwiw, I'm sitting at 18% for the stock allocation, so fairly low, and also decided to put it exclusively in the S+P 500 instead of individual stocks / sector ETFs. The long term goal will be to maintain a 20% stock allocation, but still a 'work in progress'. It sure seems like a tough time to be an investor, but at least cash and bonds are now paying a good % rate, so less reason to be in stocks.