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10/06/23 3:17 PM

#98225 RE: budfoxfun #98224

Another reason to be positive with the progress being made here...

Second Quarter 2023 Financials Reported with Over $4,900,000 in Assets.



11/08/23 8:56 AM

#98273 RE: budfoxfun #98224

$ACGX Paul Sorkin, CEO of the Alliance Creative Group, Inc. said, "The 2nd quarter of 2023 included continued progress and some significant changes. We entered into a secured loan and equity agreement with Say Less Spritz, LLC, who acquired the rights to the Coastal Spritz brand. The agreement gives ACGX a 5% equity position while earning interest on the secured loan. ACG has also entered into a consulting agreement with Say Less Spritz that will pay ACG monthly. We are very excited about the Coastal Spritz brand and the opportunities with Say Less Spritz and believe the company has opened a number of very strategic distribution and retail relationships that will help provide a solid foundation for the company to grow from. We have received some interest in the Wayne property and are in negotiations to potentially sell it before the end of the year for a good profit. Our goal would be to use that extra capital to reinvest in other revenue producing assets that will allow us to continue to execute on our long-term business plans. The lower revenue for this quarter was caused by a few delays with some of our peak construction projects but we hope to know more about the realistic timelines and scope for those and other projects soon. PeopleVine has been performing incredibly well in 2023 and the pipeline continues to increase. The company has become a very solid and consistent profitable and positive cash flow SAAS company. PeopleVine has also been engaging in multiple conversations with potential future investors about possibly adding new growth capital and valuable introductions and resources to accelerate the business faster. Overall, we knew our new business plans and focus would take time to evolve and we are very pleased with the initial progress. We are continuing multiple conversations with potential acquisition targets, projects, strategic partners, investors, and other opportunities to determine the best fits. Our foundation and structure remains attractive for multiple potential opportunities and our long term goals are still based on building our shared resources foundation to position ourselves to own multiple vertically integrated portfolio companies that, if we are successful, can each reduce their expenses by leveraging our resources and relationships to increase the overall assets and revenues over time to hopefully create a larger return for everyone involved. We will continue to update the public as things are finalized and will share more details as they become available."