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10/02/23 3:22 PM

#68 RE: wow_happens28 #67

>> individual company <<

The only nuclear stock I own is Centrus Energy (LEU), due to the HALEU angle, but it's only a $500 position (9 shares). I know almost nothing about this sector, but figure that a little exposure might make sense. But lots of potential landmines, so only token positions. I have tiny amounts in NLR, URA, URNM, but only $300 each, so basically just 'winging it' :o)

I figure if a key driver of BRICS expansion is that China and Russia are actively building nuke plants for emerging countries, this should at least ensure global demand for uranium (URA, URNM). And it also pushes the US toward expanding nuclear power, albeit reluctantly. And since the newer generation nuke plants like SMRs will need HALEU, then Centrus should benefit, especially since the US needs to restart its enrichment activities anyway, in order to break Russia's monopoly on enrichment.

But who knows, these are just vague hunches on my part. Some of the posters on Dew's board could have some more informed opinions. One of the posters knows a ton about the lithium mining side (link below), but not sure if he also follows the nuclear sector.

Either way, I'd be cautious with nuke related investing since the US/West globalists have been so dead set against nuclear for decades. The only reason they seem to be back on board with nuclear is they are forced to in order to compete with China-Russia-BRICS. They need to stop BRICS expansion, but it's late, and one desperation move would be to stage a nuclear event, a powerplant explosion, which would once again derail nuclear development worldwide. There's also the proliferation aspect, and it's hard to believe that they'll allow HALEU to proceed very far. Who knows, but best to keep the nuke sector as a very small sliver of one's portfolio imo.