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10/02/23 11:03 AM

#769846 RE: IH Admin [Shelly] #769838

Thanks Shelley. Much appreciated


10/02/23 11:10 AM

#769849 RE: IH Admin [Shelly] #769838

Finally! Thank you Shelly!


12/12/23 3:52 PM

#777603 RE: IH Admin [Shelly] #769838

It should be ok to talk about the political aspects of FnF. Political winds will be the number one factor and have the biggest effect on stock price.


12/14/23 12:26 AM

#777751 RE: IH Admin [Shelly] #769838

The restructuring aspect of the equity of these companies is at the hands of the administration that does it. Which right now is biden. If trump gets elected he 100% for sure will end the conservatorships if biden hasnt already

Politics is actual legitimately part of the investment thesis here