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The Cheap Investor

09/21/23 1:39 PM

#56555 RE: JMMatthews #56554

What is the value of showing a picture of 200 pallets that is almost a year old? All I'm saying is show us pictures of a large number of pallets that are going out today. Show us the lines of bottles being prepared for delivery. She has been very vague in her tweets about WTER impact on HIRU. What percentage of WTER business is HIRU involved in? There is fear among shareholders because they do not know when the next shoe will drop. We are all adults and we can make decisions, but let those decisions be based on facts from the CEO. How come after all this time, we've had no updates on VOSS, BLK, or the big box stores? The last update on sales was that small, two-store operation. It seems many CEOs want to take their companies public because they know that's where the money is, but they also feel they do not have to share full disclosure of what is going on in their companies. It is hard for me to believe that we have not had any new contracts come out with new customers. Maybe she is waiting for the financials to come out and give us a great deal of good information. I would suggest little bits of good information at a time will keep shareholders interested and invite new investors to take a look at HIRU. I just feel there is a great amount of uncertainty among investors about the company and in my opinion, she has done very little to calm their fears. Functional tweets would be way more tweets than the tweets she has put out lately.