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09/18/23 9:19 AM

#91597 RE: WarMachine #91595

A MONI catalyst is near so its time to bring up Nathan again. Like clockwork. LOLZZZZZZ

Nathan, gold mines and Borders RECENT history of BREACH OF CONTRACT, FRAUD, BREACH OF PROMISSORY NOTES, CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT FRAUD, UNJUST ENRICHMENT, LATE PAYMENTS, INTEREST AND PENALTIES FOR $304,063.08 are ALL relevant to $mONI and their current status. Borders case in particular considering he is a PAID CONSULTANT to MOON EQUITY HOLDINGS $mONI which is very concerning IMO. The claimed "part 135" company might have serious trust issues with this information if they didn't know already. If anybody wants to see the case, go to Seminole County, Florida Clerk of Courts records search and look for


10/06/23 12:57 PM

#92090 RE: WarMachine #91595

IF, most or none of the "part 135" claim, the claimed revenue, the 61/62 incoming companies, the directors, transfer of controlling shares or any of the other Tweeted and T-room posts come to fruition .... maybe the civil attorney that got GLENN HARRIS a fat stack against Daniel Borders( $mONI CONsultent) would take on a civil case against Frank O and Daniel Borders. He would probably love a second shot at Borders CONsulting.