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09/13/23 5:41 PM

#56390 RE: hardlesson #56387

The closing price today puts the market cap at $4,911,806

HIRU $$$


09/13/23 11:53 PM

#56405 RE: hardlesson #56387

“Hmmm” is interesting. That possibility got past me. You did see and reply to my chart warning and concurred.
“Some replies and follow ups would be worth a pound of cure.”
Too bad they didn’t listen because we’re in the pound of cure phase now,,needing solid reasons for people to pay higher prices.

I tend to focus on the other 1,876,425,394 shares outstanding that didn’t trade today vs the 65 million that did. I believe the up and down cycle volumes are much lower (excluding the trip to $0.0016 event) than in the past which tells me 95% of the stock is just molding on the sidelines waiting for copper, nickel or silver.
If that wasn’t the case why doesn’t it trade 100-500 million or a billion shares on the “hair on fire” up or down days? lol
Hopefully between buybacks and the 95% longs accumulating shares to hold and mold the float continues to tighten and she continues to deliver the results as predicted.

I also noticed WTER’s August demise aligns with the 8/8 apology letter they sent out to customers that JOL posted so all of that and the projection onto Hiru makes sense now.

Oh well strong support at $0.0016

Whiskey/Rocks (always a double)