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09/06/23 12:39 PM

#5554 RE: JMMatthews #5553

If he is later than 14th, he will be booted from OTCQB to expert market, and won't be able to trade again for a long time. He knows the deal, that's why he borrowed more cash to grease the wheels, lol


09/06/23 12:43 PM

#5556 RE: JMMatthews #5553

While it demonstrates confidence and commitment for the CEO to mortgage his home to float the company, it’s pretty scary they’re that short of cash.
Great news that they’re actually selling units instead of sending out demos. Can’t wait to see what the current 8 units about to ship do for the bottom line.


10/13/23 10:18 AM

#5691 RE: JMMatthews #5553

Has anyone heard anything from CEO Robert L. Mount? I've been trying to get some response to the situation but no replies so far