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09/05/23 11:12 AM

#15628 RE: BlazingStocks #15626

Better Link: to comprehensive feature on CBGH covering the company's approach to new and better ways to get a range of very necessary home maintenance services. With the rising demands on employer time, this is a very much needed business today:

From the article:

This Company can become a Major Player in the Billion-Dollar Global Cleaning & Freelancer Services Industries: & TidyCall (Stock Symbol: CBGH)

On-Demand Home Maintenance Services via Innovative TidyCall™ Mobile App.

Goal to Become a Major Player in the Hundred-Billion-Dollar Global Cleaning Service Industry.

Launched Revolutionizing Freelancer Services and Catalyzing Revenue Growth. Platform Creates an Unparalleled Ecosystem Where Skilled Freelancers and Service Seekers Converge.

Two Industry Seasoned Executives Appointed to Propel Company Growth.