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08/30/23 11:35 AM

#6051 RE: TheFirm #6050

Hay man why don't you help your self and stay out oft it dude you are full of it never stop you must be a ????????????


08/30/23 9:56 PM

#6055 RE: TheFirm #6050

Highly doubtful that's your mission and I'm neither. But let's address your questions even though you choose to never actually study anything posted here or comment when proven wrong(like when you said nobody went to congress)

#1 My guess is someone caught wind of Alpine’s impending doom and so why waste time and money when they were done for? Let FINRA do it duh

#2 I can't recall posting the DTC October info as you claim but perhaps Intially when it came out. #2A Why if it was resolved is it still not ended then? You need to think really hard as to why on that one. It's been pushed down the road several times. And from where do you assume that anything was paid or settled by Alpine’s that came from the NSCC? Are we supposed to believe Alpine who over 40 times has been subject to enforcement actions? That's close to once a year since inception.

#3 Mistakes happen, Lawyers catch it and want to be safe. When you misspeak or misspell, should we assume you're up to nefarious acts?

#4 The math on the very common stock compensation plan thats was PR'd about back in October of 2022 is so miniscule it meas zero. All one has to do is look at the SP on or around those dates...means zilch,zero,Nada even IF GTII were a fundamental play which at present it is not and everyone in it understands that. And they understand the lame playbook talking about that and the other old tired tactics