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10/24/23 2:31 PM

#6351 RE: pennystock_es #6347

AURI has Good News today --- see the link below! It will test September's high 0.0008 again as soon as this week...

Anyway its Similar-OS & Much-Lower-AS Sister peer (SUTI) is currently trading at Much Much Much Cheaper price level 0.0001 now! So, I would sell AURI at 0.0005 ~ 0.0008, then use all the cash proceeds to buy SUTI at the Lowest-Possible-ask 0.0001 in order to make Huge Profits in the coming days/weeks...

Note, SUTI can easily surge back to 0.003x again from the second chart below v.s. AURI will not go above 0.0008 in the future because the On-Going Super-Heavy Dilutions will be Endless...

Please do not buy any shares of AURI above last-month-high 0.0008!

The OTC market will be very hot again as soon as the coming January --- a replica of the Early 2021 Giant-OTC-Rally-Tide which caused almost every OTC stock to surge 10-Bagger ~ 1000-Bagger!

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11/02/23 5:36 PM

#6352 RE: pennystock_es #6347

Very Risky Endless-Super-Heavy-Diluting & Extremely-Overvalued & Extremely-Overbought Empty-Shell VIZC (5.522B shares of Diluting OS and 10B shares High AS) is trading at the Highly-Inflated price $0.0004 now!

The next Much-Much-Better & Bigger OTC killer will be the Sought-After Super-Undervalued & Hyper-Oversold SUTI with Much-Much-Lower AS count (8B shares Low AS) since SUTI is an Very-Hot-Cannabis Operational Real-Business (Red-Hot Marijuana & Cannabis & NFT)!

Buying its Marijuana peer (MJNA) at its recent high $0.2220 = buying SUTI at $0.1919 which is 1,919 Times of its current Bottom price $0.0001 or 56.4412 Times of its recent high $0.0034!

Buying its Sister peer (BDGR) at its recent high $0.0034 = buying SUTI at $0.021 which is 210 Times of its current Bottom price $0.0001 or 6.1765 Times of its recent high $0.0034!

The money to buy 100,000,000 shares of VIZC at current Highly-Inflated price $0.0004 could easily buy 400,000,000 shares of SUTI at its current Huge discount price $0.0001!

Thus SUTI is Much Much Much Much Much Cheaper than MJNA, BDGR, and VIZC now!

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06/16/24 10:07 PM

#6363 RE: pennystock_es #6347

ASTI did Rapidly surge to $0.203 from $0.1131 on June 3! However, it crashed down to $0.1001 last Friday! So, it may Quickly bounce up to test $0.2xxx again as soon as the coming week...

ASTI is currently at Extremely Oversold status --- from its most Recent high $0.34 (on May 23) to current Ridiculous-Low price levels $0.10xx!