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07/28/23 1:25 PM

#14444 RE: MallenNV #14443

Given the semiliterate English of some recent posts, I'm guessing Grant may be back.

"Your 100% wrong again. Not really the truth. A CEO like anyone else can buy on the open market. But the CEO can then put out a BS press release and sell those shares at a higher price. Or flood the market with shares they currently hold. So let’s stop feeling bad for Gunther and show how he is benefits from his lies.

This is the problem again with sub penny retailers who just don't know the facts.

1) If the CEO buys shares and then resells them higher the CEO has to fill out forms with their intentions. If the SEC does not get those documents the CEO is arrested for insider trading. Since GNGR's CEO has no record with the SEC of that action the CEO would have been arrested.

And further proof your assumptions are wrong thus proving you need to know the facts. Also during the time you say the CEO sold shares higher, the shares never went higher so not sure where you are getting your data from.

2) If the CEO did flood the market with shares as so claim (False with no proof) you would see the float rise above the current level that hes not happened, meaning no flood of shares sold to the market that would have shown in the increase to the float.

SO back to my previous post, you need to know the facts and stop guessing and trying to be SAVVY when you have no clue how the markets and rules work as proven by your 100% incorrect assumption posts that are all 100% wrong.

Who is feeling bad for the CEO? Who are you addressing your issues to, other IHUB retailers who also are clueless about the markets and how they work? Good audience."


07/28/23 2:25 PM

#14445 RE: MallenNV #14443

OMG. You think anyone CEO like grant will file if they buy shares. He does not file anything. Just a thief. Keep posting 1000 word posts so you look legit.