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Huggy Bear

07/23/23 1:53 AM

#95705 RE: Rich4863 #95703

You'll learn in time, nummnuts.

Huggy Bear

07/23/23 1:08 PM

#95740 RE: Rich4863 #95703

We have been calling out this scam for a long time. You chose not to listen to reason and instead followed that idiot criminal promoter Benny and his comrades in crime. Your anger is misplaced.

Hi Benny, Im confused. Im doing my DD on AABB and also consulting others in this sector. Ive been told AABB will be blocked from being an accepted token because they are not part of the ISO20022. Why would you say that AABB will never be one when those that have complied with it would be the standard? I own 6 figures in shares and was considering obtaining more, but what is the impetus to buy more shares if they wont part of the future?

Who posted this? You did. It was your first post on this board and on Ihub. You claim to be diversified, but AABB is the only stock you admit to owning on Ihub, and frankly it is not going well for you.

If I were down over 80 thousand dollars because I invested in a fraudulent piece of shit stock, I would be upset with myself, and the con artists who run AABB, not the dissenters who have been correct all along. But instead you choose to attack everyone who has known it is an obvious fraud since day one.

Like attacking us is going to help your cause. It isn't. Man up and admit you made a grave mistake.
We did not advise you to sell everything you own and buy AABB so you can be rich like Benny.

You fell for some serious bullshit, and should be embarrassed.