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07/22/23 6:01 PM

#64046 RE: k9narc #64045

I’m sure at some point there were shorts or others of different interests posting on here, but they don’t need to anymore.

Rik did their job for them. He destroyed the stock simply by being selfish, and uncaring of his investors and making bad decision after bad decision.

Imagine the road ahead. He will be convicted of stock manipulation that’s 100% guaranteed! So if all he has against him is that, then he still has to take us out of the expert market, and bring us back to the OTC, which will be impossible, because the OTC will not do business with a CEO that has that kind of strike against him, and then the fact that he’s still CEO of the company means nobody is going to buy the stock.

This stock will never ever go back to the penny or penny and a half that it was with Rik being involved.

Lending $250,000 to a crook when the company’s been strapped for cash for decades. What a philistine!