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Captain Black Bob Blanco

07/20/23 1:31 AM

#4129 RE: gitreal #4128

Yep, hence my post about massive bag holders being created which triggered one of Sunny’s discord chat room members here today. All he could come up with was the Form 4’s so he got angry and resorted to name calling. lol

Captain Black Bob Blanco

08/24/23 1:08 PM

#4134 RE: gitreal #4128

"the interpretation of imaging data collected by SpecTIR, LLC. "

Interpretation Lmao.

BrightRock Gold Corporation Announces the First-of-its-Kind Discovery of a Significant Spodumene Deposit at its Midnight Owl Location near Wickenburg, Arizona Using SpecTir Hyperspectral Data

GURNEE, IL / ACCESSWIRE / August 22, 2023 / BrightRock Gold Corp. (OTC Pink:BRGC) is pleased to announce the interpretation of imaging data collected by SpecTIR, LLC. The engagement of SpecTIR, LLC, has resulted in the production of a groundbreaking and first-of-its-kind discovery of a significant spodumene deposit at BrightRock's Midnight Owl Property near Wickenburg, Arizona, utilizing a long-wave infrared (LWIR) hyperspectral survey. This ground-breaking process has paved a new avenue for the exploration of hard-rock lithium resources. This is the very first time that spodumene-grade lithium has been directly detected in a commercial airborne survey. The hyperspectral imaging data collection was executed at a resolution of around 3 feet (1 meter), adhering to military-grade standards.

Midnight Owl is a lithium pegmatite exploration project located in the White Picacho Pegmatite District near Wickenburg, Arizona. The project is situated in a favorable location due to its mining history. Additionally, the project site is approximately 170 miles away from three lithium battery gigafactories. BrightRock owns 100% of the property, spanning 5005 acres, or 243 lode claims.

Summary of Results

SpecTIR has made a ground-breaking discovery of lithium-bearing pegmatites with their Long Wave Infra-Red (LWIR) Aerial Fixed Wing Survey. This study marks their first successful detection by SpecTIR of in-situ spodumene, the key lithium ore mineral. Spodumene can only be detected with a well-calibrated LWIR instrument, such as the Specim AISA OWL used in this study. As far as it is known, SpecTIR is the only company in the world to offer this unique and powerful tool for in-situ spodumene detection. Previously, SpecTIR has detected spodumene over disturbed ground, but now, with the Midnight Owl flight, undisturbed in-situ spodumene has been mapped from the air. This discovery is the first of its kind, opening a new frontier for the exploration of hard-rock lithium deposits.