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07/20/23 12:19 AM

#4119 RE: Captain Black Bob Blanco #4117

BRGC has produced nothing, and will produce nothing in the near future, and in my opinion, probably never will.

You are correct. The Midnight Owl is a small lithium pegmatite, mined out half a century ago. It is nothing more than a geological curiosity. I believe the AGS or maybe AIPG took a tour group to the mine years ago, but have not tried to go back.....the road in is 6 miles of horrendous 4WD road up a wash, no power within miles. And being Federal lands, just try to get a permit to improve the road (it's in a "waterway", try permitting that). As for supplying lithium to some battery facility in the Phoenix area.....that's ridiculous.

No good for anything but promoting to gullible investors who know nothing about geology, exploration, or the economics of mining.