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07/17/23 9:38 AM

#5197 RE: RCKS #5196

"...nothing much has changed since Friday:"

"Just one chart today, since it's the only chart that seems to matter at the moment and nothing much has changed since Friday:"

"If NYA doesn't clear blue (C), then bears have the go-ahead -- if it does, then there's a straightforward near-term bull option (represented by red "bull: 3") or an annoying and near-term bullish but ultimately bearish option for some type of ending diagonal, which is pretty easy to visualize using the upward-sloping black line and the lowest upward-sloping blue line as rough boundaries.

In other news, fair warning that Tropical Storm Calvin and Hobbes is projected to slam directly into Hawaii on Wednesday, so on the off-chance things get hairy and/or the power and/or internet goes out, then there may not be an update on Wednesday. If things do get hairy, my emergency plan is to call the Fed and have them raise interest rates, then call the government and have them run up the highest non-Covid deficit they possibly can despite near-record-low unemployment. Both I and the market currently feel confident that this will solve everything. Trade safe."


07/17/23 12:00 PM

#5199 RE: RCKS #5196

RCKS...Can you give me that webb site he has market."Click here"..I need a live copy I guess to be able to sign up for his free letter..