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07/14/23 9:37 AM

#63996 RE: cngreen #63995

I don’t know where you’re getting this idea that the SEC is going to lose?

It’s an absolute certainty that he’s going to be convicted of stock manipulation. How do I know? He admitted to it!

He said that he did it to push back on the shorts. Now, human to human, I totally get it. It’s screwed up what the shorts were doing at the time. But nonetheless, this is a court of law, And what he did is technically illegal. It doesn’t matter that it was $10 worth. It’s still against the law.

So although the sentence may be nothing, the fact remains, he will be convicted of it. And if all he gets convicted of is that, the SEC wins.

So after that, loss to the SEC, I ask you to please tell me where do we go from there when we are in the expert market with a conviction against us. Never getting listed on any decent stock exchange, no investors going to want to invest or buy stock. Please tell me where do we go from there?