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07/13/23 9:02 PM

#63985 RE: cngreen #63984

Not if we go to court and lose the case.


07/13/23 9:06 PM

#63987 RE: cngreen #63984

And by the way, with regards to the count of stock manipulation, Rik is 100% guaranteed to get convicted of that. He admitted to it. I know in the past you said that it was pennies, that’s true, but you’re conflating conviction with sentencing

Yes it may be a small amount, but that won’t affect conviction, it will affect sentencing.

So he will get convicted of it, but the sentencing may be absolutely nothing because it’s a small amount. But make no mistake, 100%. He will get convicted of stock manipulation! This is guaranteed! No matter what you say to me. This is just basic 101 knowledge.