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05/27/23 9:27 AM

#54138 RE: EZ2 #54135

Have not been to a theatre since pre-COVID…. Sadly !!

Neither have us but I want to see that on the big screen.

Loved the exchange between the two of them about the old guy telling him he'll teach him how to fly fish.

It's not a pole it's a rod! Then he says to meet him at a Fly Shop and for the kid to do his recon!


05/28/23 1:37 PM

#54139 RE: EZ2 #54135

35 Photos Of Forgotten Things That Will Be Instantly Recognizable And Nostalgic To Any Boomer
Back when the entire family looked forward to the Sears catalog coming in the mail, and you had ambrosia salad at every family get together.

Brian Galindo
by Brian Galindo
BuzzFeed Staff

I knew them all.


05/29/23 4:24 PM

#54141 RE: EZ2 #54135

We went to a Memorial Day ceremony here today.

They had a Fife and Drum group playing patriotic songs.

They also had a bagpiper who played Amazing Grace.

The rain held off and it was a nice ceremony.