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06/03/23 12:53 PM

#7654 RE: ars_2014 #7653


We are getting closer every day to getting rid of Doki dog cesspool fraudulent trash. Arbitrator used language of "Actual and intentional fraud" for a reason. Clear and convincing evidence shows Doki Dogs never intended or are financially able to pay back loans. Thats why no principle or interest has been paid since loans inception. Once rehabilitative receiver makes that determination will claw back shares and put Doki dogs curb side with the trash where they belong. 22 Baltimore property will be seized and proceeds used to pay Judgements/Liabilities.
After all Doki unnecessary fraudulent delays we are finally in the home stretch. Next 10 Q due on or about August 15th 2023. If anything material occurs before then I believe will see 8K ......... I anticipate as stated in filing a shareholder conference call once this is all laid to rest and finalized. We can then see what direction RLBY intends to go and move forward. Until then holding/adding shares to position since 2014