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05/23/23 6:57 PM

#14289 RE: silvr_surfr #14288

CG Oncology raised $120M in late 2022, so they don't need our money. It also means our share of the company has shrunk considerably. Perhaps we still have material license rights.

Just the facts maam

05/23/23 7:39 PM

#14291 RE: silvr_surfr #14288

Slivr, hopefully so. I agree ANI's stake in CG oncology has been diuted but it does look like ANIP may get milestone and royalty payments.

BioSante took a 19.9% stake in Cold Genesys and will get milestones and royalties.

BioSante Pharmaceuticals granted Cold Genesys exclusive, worldwide rights to its oncolytic virus technology in exchange for a 19.9% ownership position in the firm and $95,000 in cash. The deal also covers Phase I CG0070, a replication-competent adenovirus that is being investigated for treatment of superficial bladder cancer. BioSante is also eligible to receive future milestone and royalty payments.

Cold Genesys Buys BioSante’s Oncolytic Virus Technology

I think Merck will end up taking it to market. CG0070 is currently paired with Keytruda in a phase 2 trial

Personally, I think some of the cash will be used to in-licence Nuray Chemicals patent for
Dosage forms of tafamidis and its pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. Pfizer's VYNDAQEL franchise brought $686 million last quarter . I see Novitium filing a505(b)(2) as a possibility. After all Samy Shanmugam was the lead inventor in the patent which is set to expire in November 2041.