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05/18/23 2:56 PM

#18157 RE: alexbh2285 #18156

I guess, what one might say- yes- there was an 'association'- via a Letter of Intent' ( with all/any of ramifications from such a legal vehicle)- so yes- a legal string. But it's the same craziness- the attempt to tether alyi to actual meaningful activities and companies. Like the myriad of tauter posts trying to link alyi to the general EV boom ( tesla, etc). But yes- im not saying you're analysis is wrong, at all. But in the end, it's all very lexg in nature. And no amount of analysis will change that.....


05/19/23 9:41 AM

#18160 RE: alexbh2285 #18156

Is quite a red flag for any iqstel shareholder- that their company cud b involved in any way with alyi - as you so correctly pointed out.


05/21/23 2:41 PM

#18166 RE: alexbh2285 #18156

IQST now denies any involvement with ALYI-SCAM.


05/23/23 12:03 PM

#18168 RE: alexbh2285 #18156

Thanks, and well said.