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05/16/23 4:22 PM

#18146 RE: bylosellhy #18145

The one thing that is apparent- share price seems to be plummeting- as low as .0001- just super low all around. You may want to call the company to see wat's happening- oh wait- forgot/ there's no one to call!! Great 'company'!


05/17/23 9:52 AM

#18147 RE: bylosellhy #18145

Is .000001 even possible???


05/17/23 11:18 AM

#18148 RE: bylosellhy #18145

Ohhhhh- it's goin out- even the total crazies can see that. Alyi- going the way of lexg. Big surprise! But- what about 'due diligence'. Hemp batteries? Prof mitlin? Can nothing save this? It's finally over.