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05/10/23 10:56 PM

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I'm sure most of us are always up for anything "interesting and disturbing."


05/11/23 5:46 PM

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WOW just heard that is disturbing


05/13/23 5:39 PM

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I would like to provide an update, that I described as disturbing,with my recent interaction with Grant the CEO
I am an Original investor in GNGR ($55k). The reason I invested was the he had a good business selling fudge and chocolates and they were outstanding and delicious.
As time went on he finally went public but as time went on there was nothing happening, the stock was effectively non existing. Then years later he expanded the float and made the Originals shares effectively worthless.
That is why I began posting about this, we are all pissed at what happened. I owned %6.00 of the float, now it's practically zero.

I recently inquired if he would be open to selling the public portion of GNGR, not the jewelry part. He seemed very receptive and I asked for a non binding offer that I could review and bring to my people. Many emails were exchanged and for some reason he believed that I was trying to run a scam. I have no idea where he got that from but the emails began to get pretty disturbing and nasty and I replied in kind.
Not very professional or productive especially from a CEO.
More recently he did offer me, what I believe, is a sincere apology for his communications. He also provided with a detailed timeline of the history of GNGR which appears to be truthful and accurate, from my experience and perspective.

I told i wished he would have asked for help from the Originals way back and I believe we could have assisted with the many set backs that occurred.

Grant put it all on his shoulders alone which I believe was a mistake and it must have been extremely stressful for him and probably still is.
I will not be posting those emails nor will I post the timeline although he said that I could share it. He's the CEO and you can ask him or maybe he'll post it.

I any event, we wished each other good luck as we move on.
I've learned that in life to never completely shut a door because you never know what the future holds in both business and family.

I am continuing to look for a CLEAN public company/vehicle to potentially buy out.
My people own 2 profitable separate private companies with real assets worth in the 7 figures with very little debt. It will be completely audited (as it is now) and
comply with ALL SEC and FINRA regs. TOTALLY LEGIT.
The plan is to make the vehicle a public holding company to expand the existing portfolio and buy additional assets and businesses.
The ultimate goal is to be listed on the actual NASDAQ exchange and the sub-penny, pinks, grays or whatever they call them now may be needed to allows us to move up.
NOT a pump and dump.
If anyone has any company that may be a fit just let me know.