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05/16/23 12:33 PM

#30985 RE: idcc2006 #30983

If it worked then you wouldn’t need to ask that question.


08/20/23 1:10 PM

#30986 RE: idcc2006 #30983

Manufacturing facility? I think they were contracting out the manufacturing of the tablets. Might have even been overseas. Not sure if they were getting bulk tablets in or if they were already packaged in bottles. Hmmmmm. Been so long. You know, there was a guy that showed up on the old Yahoo message board that claimed he worked there. I vaguely remember they were packaging the bulk tablets into bottles and then shipping them out. That facility was just located in an industrial office park and I think somebody bought the land and redeveloped it. So there is really nothing left any more.

There was the still unsold inventory stored there. In 2018 when they were selling off the IP and patents I asked the contact person for the bankruptcy trustee about it and if it was for sale. Never got an answer on that. I also looked into buying the patents. Phillip Morris was the low bidder and only bidder. I think they stole them for $234k. I wanted those patents. So I guess the unsold inventory ended up in a landfill. Depending on how much there was, I would have easily given them $20-25 a bottle.

Hydrapharm is currently making it for sale. I think they are UK based, and just contract out the manufacturing in pill form from an overseas supplier. You can buy it here,


08/20/23 2:19 PM

#30989 RE: idcc2006 #30983

You know, the more I think about it, I think they were getting bulk anatabine citrate from an overseas supplier, blending it with the other ingredients and pressing them into tablets at their facility and then packaging it. And they were in the very beginning outsourcing that to a manufacturer until they were selling enough to bring it in house. The equipment for that is no big deal. For a small scale operation, probably fit in your living room.