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04/25/23 11:05 AM

#15150 RE: JEM6 #15149

Damn, we really need some message from company…


04/26/23 3:22 PM

#15155 RE: JEM6 #15149

Purely Speculation, Nothing Really! Note, the 52-week-high here is Reduced to 0.0011 now and it will be 0.0005 soon! The 52-week-low is still 0.0002 and it will be 0.0001 very soon...

Are you guys buying VIZC at only 0.0003? We do need Strong Slapping actions at the 0.0004 ask in order to avoid it to crash to 0.0001 or Lower price levels... I did buy very large amount of shares at 0.0004 ~ 0.0002!

With over 5.522B (4.772B + 750M-On-Going-Diluting-shares) shares OS which is almost identical to the OS count (5.659B shares) of its FIXED-SS & ZERO-dilution peer (SUT?) why this Endless-Super-Heavy-Diluting ZERO-Asset Non-Operational Empty-Shell (VIZC) is trading at the Highly-Inflated price levels 0.0003 ~ 0.0004 now v.s. the FIXED-SS & ZERO-dilution peer is trading at Mere Huge discount price levels 0.0001 ~ 0.0002 for FIVE months?

To match the Same Market Value with its peer, VIZC will soon crash to the Same Bottom 0.0001 or Lower very soon unless we Slap out all the shares at the Strong Resistance price 0.0004 ask...