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04/05/23 1:07 PM

#8741 RE: AD1251 #8740

Lets hope the announcement addresses the illicit PIPE agreement Watkins got UNSS into, before the "merger" fell apart, and why UNSS would not honor the PIPE, after taking the funds. AND why the PIPE was never registered, or reported in any filings to the SEC, and did not show up on the books...and why, when asked to return the funds UNSS and Entrex claimed they were "broke" and could not return any funds.


04/19/23 1:19 PM

#8744 RE: AD1251 #8740


Add this: (I created an account where everyone can speak freely with no deletions, no limitations, and ability to PM)

PS I will friend request Paul


05/02/23 11:00 AM

#8745 RE: AD1251 #8740

What's happened is our CEO didn't fulfill his fiduciary duties and we are now on the Expert Market.

For those who care to discuss this with the individual who made our investments worthless: