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02/22/23 9:37 AM

#101 RE: JoJr #100

I was drawn in reading the stories of family history, I enjoyed reading them. As far as the copper bullion goes, I bought 100 oz rounds about 3 years ago on Ebay before I knew about JM Bullion. If I remember correctly I paid 180.00. The value at one point since then was double, now it's the same price I paid. JM Bullion has much better deals than Ebay. But to me it's a mere novelty for now.
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02/23/23 11:48 AM

#104 RE: JoJr #100

I’m not a big fan of copper. There is money in that, but there is so much around us at any given time.
My metal is more for insurance against my long term debt. I did good with wrapping up all my debt below 3% for the next 30 years. I missed out in the kids college debt. A senior and freshman. So long as inflation stays around 10% over the next 10+ years, I’m good.
However, if things go nutz and we see resl inflation going over 30-60% per year, everyone’s fix rate mortgages have a clause where the bank can call the entire loan ASAP. That’s where the dollar will be worthless snd gold/silver will explode. I want enough to pay off my mortgage with metal.

Other than that, gold/silver is a crap investment. I look at it as insurance.

I’ve hoarded a lot of silver. It’s heavy as hell. If the gold-silver ration ever gets below 65, I’m rolling 3/4 of my silver into gold. But damn! The ratio keeps going up. You must buy silver this high.

As gold hits new highs in the short term, next 10 years, GROY will do awesome. It’s like a gold index fund. They have a broad net of miners doing the work and taking the risk and expense. Just picking a single miner is like throwing darts. I’d rather buy physical than doing that.