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01/18/23 8:27 PM

#327 RE: DarthYoda #326

What they need to do is arrest a bunch of these criminals that are running these scams on their customers.

I don't understand how they can constantly go to court, be found guilty of all sorts of intentional scam tactics, fraud, illegally foreclosing on their customers and knowing what they're doing is illegal and nobody is ever locked up.

They know what they're doing is illegal because they've been found guilty of the same crimes repeatedly.

The judges have even said that what they've done was intentional. Intentionally manipulating the paperwork and process to steal people's homes. If that's not felonious what is?

Like you said everything from racketeering to running insurance scams involving kickbacks to their own company some of which are their own companies.

How do people NOT go to prison for things like this when they're found guilty if it in court?

If they stole my home while committing fraud, I would want SOMEONE IN PRISON!

IF WE DID IT, THERE WOULD BE NOTHING that would keep the DOJ and AG offices from making sure we went to jail for as long as possible. Why are these people exempt?

The only answer is money and likely nepotism