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01/15/23 5:05 PM

#493 RE: hawkshaw812 #492

No, that is not happening. And I am very skeptical that a judge said that, as they have no say in it. Bankruptcy is one of the few courts where the judge's opinion of that sort has no bearing on the case.

The law is set in stone. Common shareholders are dead last in line for money. Everyone in front of them MUST be 100% satisfied in regards to what is owed to them before the shareholders can even be considered for anything.

The shareholders are not being paid anything here. The current plan is to turn the ownership of the company over to the first lein holders. Obviously, the remaining creditors have an issue with that, as they want to be paid. But either way, the common shareholders get NOTHING.

If there was any legitimate chance of shareholders being paid, the Court would be including them in these negotiations. They are not, because they ain't getting paid.