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01/11/23 2:55 PM

#2929 RE: Wahoo98 #2928

The Beaver is the Guarantor of the……

lease and just raised over $1M with the sale of the building.

If he’ll stop relying upon certain individuals that funded SOLS in hopes of a quick buck when the restrictions were lifted, that might be a refreshing change.

We’ll see.


03/15/23 3:40 PM

#2931 RE: Wahoo98 #2928

Sure! Dropped it below a nickel! Nice job Beavhole!

Law suits coming from the Eagle Lake Country Club syndicate for negligent mismanagement?


Cheers, Red


03/22/23 2:11 PM

#2935 RE: Wahoo98 #2928

The GREEDY BEAVHOLE SCREWED ORIGINAL SHAREHOLDERS with a devastating RS and he is reaping what he sowed! S.O.B. took SOLS from a high of $10.50 to $.025 cents! I wonder if the Eagle Lake Country Club syndicate is going to put together a class action suit to OUST the BUM and sue him for mismanagement and negligence!

Hard to buy fuel for his helicopter when he's bankrupting the company!


Cheers, Red