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01/11/23 5:31 AM

#30221 RE: TheHappyVulcan #30220

It is unusual, especially in the fact that the Unrestricted number of OS shares is 32,142.
I expected that would take it near the top of the heap, of tickers for sales.
Evidently, that hasn't happened. And who knows for sure, why?
I've tried to find a listing for it, but it's been a while.
Some sites that I've checked have tickers for sale, but the identity is withheld pending contact with the seller. So maybe it's listed, but I can't identify it.
Anyway, I have it as one of my lottos just in case.
Don't know if it will ever happen again, but I had about a half dozen at one time, and one was TSNP that I got into at .0006.
Maybe lighting will strike twice? lol

PS: Admittedly, some fade into nothing and are a total loss and some are good for 2-400%, but it only takes one to put you in the Catbird's seat.