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01/10/23 11:58 AM

#245035 RE: DewDiligence #245033


Skyrizi has been doing well and they have managed to grow Rinvoq at a decent clip despite the Xeljanz overhang, so.. maybe.. but I'm still skeptical.
Still, even in this aggressive scenario they will fall (a little) short of Humira's peak sales (they used to say R+S will be > H).
The silver lining is that I think Humira is only going to lose ~half of its sales, so this is plenty enough.


05/18/23 3:40 PM

#247052 RE: DewDiligence #245033

FDA approves ABBV’s Rinvoq for Crohn’s disease:

Rinvoq now has seven FDA–approved indications: RA; psoriatic arthritis; ankylosing spondylitis; axial spondyloarthritis; ulcerative colitis; and Crohn’s disease. In the five non-IBD indications (i.e. all except UC and Crohn’s), Rinvoq is indicated for second-line treatment following a TNF-a biologic.

ABBV now has three of the four IBD approvals it seeks: Rinvoq in UC and Crohn’s, and Skyrizi in Crohn’s. Based on phase-3 data (#msg-171517753), ABBV plans to submit a Skyrizi BLA for UC in 2023.

ABBV expects combined sales of Skyrizi and Rinvoq to teach $17.5B in 2025 and $21B in 2027 (#msg-170905881).