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Mr. Zen

01/05/23 9:49 AM

#889 RE: TradingCharts #888

would you stop using this board for energy source minerals and anything else you are pumping please.


01/05/23 12:04 PM

#891 RE: TradingCharts #888

Connecting the dots!

Great work!

""Schlumberger conducted extensive research and due diligence into our operations. Its investment is a validation of our disruptive ILiAD technology and the demand for cleaner, domestically sourced lithium,"



01/06/23 11:11 AM

#900 RE: TradingCharts #888

Our proprietary ILiAD Lithium processing platform can be deployed wherever there are Lithium brine resources, replacing hard rock Lithium mining and massive evaporation operations.

This will result in game-changing reductions in cost, carbon, water and environmental footprints. EnergySource Minerals is far ahead of others in the industry, with existing infrastructure, proven technology and instant commercial viability

PRNewswire (May 3, 2022)
EnergySource Minerals Raises Strategic Investment from Schlumberger and TechMet to Scale Lithium Extraction Technology